We are lead to explore the teachings in 1 Timothy 3: 1-7 further in retrospect to the life of Esau. Our main bible verses on top of the Fundamental verses are: Genesis 25: 25-34 and Hebrew 12: 16-17. The topic for discussion here is self-control. We see this as one of the characteristics of a God-made man. Other terms for self-control are “discipline”, “strength of mind” and “will power”. In any case, without self-control not much effort can be given to anything desirable (to us or to God). In the case of becoming a God-made man, certainly self-control is of uttermost importance in order to BECOME the person of God. So what role did self-control paly (or didn’t play) in Esau’s life?

Before we proceed, we need to know that as Christians, we need to understand the principle written in James 1:22-24. The Word of God is like a mirror and is for us to obey in love, action and thought (and in any other ways possible). So when we are studying the word of God, we do so in order to obey it and to reflect our own selves from it so that the more we reflect the more we look like what we read.

 Now, we need to look at the character that made Esau to forgo his entire birth right for a bowl of lentil soup and how it remains a plague in this present age. What does the “birth right” and bowl of "lentil soup" (or porridge) mean to us? Why reading my “Every man’s bible” there a commentary mentioning that in ancient times, birth right would have given Esau the right to hold the significant spiritual position in the family. This will seem pretty important as in those days (without Jesus and the crucifixion on the cross), only Special people have the right to seek the face of God. Esau would have been that special person in the family but he gave it up at an instance. Even if the commentary is not accurate, the meaning of birth right still shows it is a special right of possession or privileges a person gains from birth.

As a born again Christian, we instantly gain the birth right that is the gift of Jesus, he only is the right that makes us acceptable to God. Now if we know who God is and why we cannot do without Him, why will anyone still fall for the bowl of lentil soup??? It must have been pretty charming or shall we say tasty! What are the bowls of Lentil soup in our lives? They are simply anything that makes us give up our birth right, Jesus. God is light; anything that brings shaded outcomes or darkness will be a bowl or lentil soup. These can be lies (white or black; lies are still lies Matthew 5:36-37), covetousness, hatefulness, anything ungodly, the list can be endless. The good news is that the only thing we need to do is to let God be our decision maker, in all things at all times. This is where self-control comes in. And as see in our previous post, we cannot do these things by our own power but by the power of the Holy spirit who has given us the strength. He should be that balance that keeps us going at the right pace.

Seeing that God will not force us to choose to do the righteous things (because we are made in His image and He cannot be forced to do anything outside what He desires - But we know that those things are only good – Jeremiah 29:11 ) we have to will, to do and choose what pleases God. It is in the state that God can then help us(through the holy spirit and the death of Jesus) to become that man that is totally lead by Him. With self-control, we are able to remain in Christ Jesus in faith by deciding to let Him be the one to choose what we do.

Self-control is an important attribute of a God-Lead man, a true leader. If this phase is not checked and corrected, We will only struggle in our spiritual life. This has blessed me and continues to be my standard in checking that my daily journey is sustained by God in His righteousness. I will encourage anyone reading this to please do the same and read James 1: 22-24 carefully so that your bible study is not in vain but becomes useful for you. God bless you, thanks for reading.