One weekend in May 2014, I went to visit my niece and nephew and decided to take them out. We went for ice-cream (after numerous request) we decided to see the 'amazing spiderman' at the cinema. As we bought our tickets we realised that were all hungry so we took a quick trip to subways (I am not a fan of the super high cinema food cost) hoping to be back in time for the start of the movie. On our return we had to take the escalator to the top floor.

I was eagerly ahead of my niece, only for me to realise that she is stilla t the bottom of the escalator. "What's up Sewa?" She told me that I have to hold her hand before she can go up the escalator - she was scared of stepping on the moving escalator, even  though she was so cute all the same. I was like, Sewa, you are 4 and you cannot get on the escalator yourself? She sort of nodded to let me know that she can't step on it alone. So I had to go back to the bottom of the escalator to hold her hand. She was happy and confident to proceed, we stepped on the escalator and saw the film. 

Throughout the movie, I could not forget the incidence. I was amazed at how Sewa will not take that step until I held her hand. The story reminded me of 2 corinthian 2:9 - "...My power is made perfect in Weakness..". I know the world today teaches us to live independently, to become a macho man or "miss independent" but if we are Christians, we need to realise that our strength comes from God. If we want to grow like Jesus wants, we have to learn to rely (totally) on the supporting hand of God to take us through the right path in life. Ths is reminiscent of psalm 119:105 - " Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path ". The guiding hand of God that we look up to is the word of God. We do this every day since we need to be guided daily.

Now… Leading on to my main point, all Christian needs to grow on the word of God, which is the spirit of God that will lead us in to the right path. Like new born babies live on their mother's breast milk, anyone who is born again also need the spiritual milk to grow from adolescent to an adult. 

I recently learnt that the nutrienional beefit of a mother's natural milk is irreplaceable by any other artificial baby foods in the market. The natural milk contains a germ fighting element that helps the baby build immunity against fundamental viruses from a young age. So it makes sense to say that any Christian who is not (daily) looking up to God for strength to live each day righteously is not Growing.  The bible says that word of God is life, [Jojhn 6:63] , those that believe will inherit eternal life. This means that for us to grow spiritually, we have to grow on the word of God. Hence the word of God is the spiritual milk we desire, nothing else.