I heard of ASHOEBI.COM from a friend and it is a privilege to post this article about Kunle Jinadu the founder of ASHOEBI.COM. Kunle is a strong believer of indigenous African creativity; this passion was couple with innovation as ASHOEBI was launched in summer 2013. The clean and clever site allows customers to purchase majority of African attires and accessories online while delivery options are available to all buyers. I will like to introduce the man behind this forward thinking solution that usually cost many Africans enormous time, especially during festive seasons. Be inspired!


I am very interested in innovation and creative thinking. I studied computer Science in Covenant University and although it paved the way for my technological strengths it also helped me to groom a proactive mentality towards life, work and play.


The average Nigerian attends at least 5 to 10 weddings, family events, and celebrations per year. And all these events need Ashoebi. In this present generation however, people have little time to plan for most events because of their work and businesses and so I saw a gap to be filled. I said to myself “People need these services; I’ll offer these services to them”.

What other businesses are you running alongside ASHOEBI.COM?

Ashoebi.com is under a mother company called Novedad. Novedad was built under the principles of innovation and indigenous creativity, we believe we can build an IT Company run by Nigerians to meet local needs using global standards.

Along with Ashoebi.com, we have two other projects:

1)      Jaramall : for online grocery shopping and

2)      Lifesaver: An emergency application.

Is it true that you are an advocate for Africa’s Future Development?

Yes it is. I believe in Africa, I believe in Nigeria, I believe in the Nigerian dream and I have faith in the will power and zeal of Nigerians to achieve greatness.

Are Nigerian entrepreneurs doing enough to upscale innovation in Nigeria in the next 10 years?

Entrepreneurship has come to stay in Nigeria and there is a select few who have paved the way for a bigger and better Nigeria. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. So if the Nigerian youth isn’t ready to learn how to run a business, the business might not be around the next 10 years.

What are the milestones you’ve overcome with ASHOEBI?

We have achieved a lot and we also have learnt a lot during the process of setting up the business. One of the major milestones however was getting the relevant partnerships with fabric merchants and companies. ASHOEBI.COM still has a lot to look forward to in the future.

Idea for new entrepreneurs

So my advice to new entrepreneurs is to:

1)      Dream big

2)      Take steps. dreams remain dreams without actions

3)      Review regularly

4)      Read wide

5)      Get a mentor/ mentors

6)      Join relevant associations, network.