During one of my last interviews, I heard of Jordan and his business; Original Hosting. I was fascinated by the fact that he was at the time 16 and has already established his website hosting and design business. Jordan’s interview explains how he started and what motivated him at such an early age. Jordan’s journey is a great scenario of how anyone can explore their passion and turn it into a business, community projects etc… Read on and be inspired!

At 17 years old and running your website design and hosting business, how did your journey begin?

I took an interest in web design when I was 13 and started to learn HTML. I then got involved in different forums where I got advice from others as well as self-teaching myself. I saw a web hosting company grow over 2 years and asked loads of questions a generally got interested in the hosting industry. Over the years until I was 16 I learned more about business in general and the technical side before becoming self-employed and setting up my business a few months after my 16th birthday. I didn’t set up straight away but in fact held off for a while, this was good as it allowed me to learn new things.

Can you tell me more about Original hosting please?

Original Hosting provides web hosting and other design services to small companies and individuals on a budget. After seeing many companies charging through the roof for poor quality web services for family and friends I felt that I needed to be able to set up a business in order to provide quality customer support and web services without the high costs.

You are still studying at college, what do you study, how important is your study to you personally?

 I am currently at college studying a Btec level 3 course in IT, I feel that I need to do this as a backup plan an also because I feel that my business is still growing and I plan to invest profits back in rather than taking a wage. An advantage of me doing this course is that I can use the qualification in order to help me gain contracts for work through Original Hosting.

How do you manage your time between college and running the business?

I like to keep college to my timetabled hours so that I can still have time to do business at the same time. College does limit me to not being able to make calls etc in the day but I do have half terms and breaks where I spend the time on business. I know education is important as a backup plan so I need to continue. I usually release new products or implement marketing strategies when I am on breaks such as half terms so I have more time to focus.

Does being a "younger than average" entrepreneur owner affect how you do business?

Being young does affect me yes, in terms I collecting payments because most payment processors are 18 years plus so I am financially limited. Also I try not to give my age out to customers unless requested as this tends to make them doubt my ability. I also find that how I communicate in written form makes people believe I'm older. 

What keeps you motivated every morning?

I feel that I am kept motivated by knowing that there are always others who require help when getting a website up and running. I also am kept motivated by telling myself that I must provide the best service and customer support to my clients.

What habits have helped in developing your business?

I feel that a main habit that has helped me is the way I communicate with clients. I have always made a habit of communicating with clients as if they were my friends, such as writing emails in a friendly manner by using informal terms. I also find that offering clients assistance is also very valuable in communicating with them so that they are reassured that you are there if they need you.


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