God speaks to us through all things in every situation. So long as the spirit of God abides and God is merciful to us we will hear what He is saying – Matthew 10:20

I wanted to make delicious popcorn but I wanted it quickly. The best popcorn I have had was made from scratch. I have made these a number of times and they turn out well. To make homemade popcorn, you first pop the corn under heat and oil then you add the sugar syrup or salt… However on this occasion, I decided to combine all the processes into one. The result was not the sweet popcorn that I was hoping for. It was burnt and bitter. The opposite of what I was expecting.

My bowl of burnt popcorn

Adding the sugar and butter to the raw corn at the beginning, before the corn pops meant that it takes longer for the corn to pop (as the entire sugar and butter must be at the specific temperature before the corn pops).

Now the problem is that sugar syrup started glazing up and turned bitter before the corn reached the right temperature. So when the corn popped, it popped amidst “bitter” sugar syrup. The entire popcorn was bitter as result. Now that’s the technical bit over.

The lesson I received from this event is that; all good things of God are produced through patience, at the right time. Patience is an important element of any man who God precedes or any man who is to become successful. Patience is a fruit of the spirit is the evidence that I have the spirit of Christ lives in us. Now it will be through the help of God that we develop the fruit of patience and other fruit of the spirit. We just have to ask God to show us and to enable us to be willing to obey.

Patirnce produces better thigns than impatience

After this event I had to make another batch of popcorn, the proper one. It was worth the wait but I remain grateful that even through popcorn, God teaches. 

Now we know that the fruit of the spirit are evidence that show the holy spirit indwelling in us, the fruit of the spirit are nothing alien but they are characters that develop through obedicnce of what God teaches us.