FUTURE INSPIRED! wants to inspire our audience so that they can turn little ideas in their minds into great and marvellous inventions for the world to enjoy. This will be done by promoting inspirational initiatives and inventions by young people both in and out of education, across many fields. It is proven that youths are good creators and risk takers because we have very little to lose and mostly more energetic. As a result, we are more daring and entrepreneurial. By bringing together these inspirational news, we can all motivate ourselves to start something good today.

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Tom Allen, the founder of AcuteFX, an website development and design company

// By Tunde Sobola on 25 March 2014

Tom Allen is the founder of Acutefx, a website design and development service provider. I met Tom Allen a few week ago when I was looking for a computer repair shop to upgrade my Windows Laptop. I found Storm Components, which is a spring off from Acutefx, a computer clinic based in the centre of Loughborough. I was very delighted to see a young and passionate entrepreneur who started his business like myself; with very little and a steep learning curve. Read on and be Inspired!

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Stuart Gent & Tom Yates, founders of Gradseeker, an online job application platform that connects companies with credible graduates

// By Tunde Sobola on 29 October 2013

I am glad to introduce Stuart and Tom, the founders of Gradseeker. They studied Sport Management and Marketing and together have a passion for web programming and business. They started working on Gradseeker after discovering a major opportunity to make the job application process easier for students. This discovery is designed to help employers to easily find the best graduate for their businesses. Here is Tom and Stuart’s view on networking, market research and useful advice for young start-ups. Read more about their journey and Be Inspired!

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Jordan Donegan, founder of Original Hosting, an IT and web hosting company

// By Tunde Sobola on 12 August 2013

During one of my last interviews, I heard of Jordan and his business; Original Hosting. I was fascinated by the fact that he was at the time 16 and has already established his website hosting and design business. Jordan’s interview explains how he started and what motivated him at such an early age. Jordan’s journey is a great scenario of how anyone can explore their passion and turn it into a business, community projects etc… Read on and be inspired! Please share too.

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