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Father Dearest: The reason why I work hard. The fuel that gets me through. What's yours?

// By Tunde Sobola on 25 March 2014

The story of a young man's retrospect into WHY he keeps doing the things he does. His amazing discovery reflects the words of Eric Thomas; "What is your why?" If your why is not strong enough, when life hits you, you stay down. Most people especially the younger generations, who are yet to identify their life journey need to identify their WHY. Mitchell Aghatise shares his story and why his WHY is his papa (father). Read on, Be inspired!

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Amma Mensah, founder of Beyond the Classroom, shaping young people into effective mentors and role models through drama.

// By Tunde Sobola on 24 July 2013

Back in March 2013, Amma and I met at the launch of a report (by RSA, London) about the modern entrepreneur, she was a contributor to the report. Amma is an award winning social entrepreneur who believes that schools are great at providing young people with academic skills they need, but not always so good at providing other necessary life skills and knowledge. Beyond the classroom works with organisations and schools to complement academic learning with these essential skills through media, drama, dance and mentoring. Here is Amma’s story on how Beyond the classroom started… Read on and be inspired!

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Chinwe Njoku, an academic success who claimed to be ordinary but disciplined. Former PhD student at Loughborough University.

// By Tunde Sobola on 23 April 2013

Recently we decided to look beyond entrepreneurism for inspiring young people. Having known Chinwe for many years at Loughborough University, she deserves to be an academic role model. Discover the attitudes that make a excellent student and see what success means for Chinwe. More interviews from academic and social role models to come. Read on, Be inspired!

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