FUTURE INSPIRED! wants to inspire our audience so that they can turn little ideas in their minds into great and marvellous inventions for the world to enjoy. This will be done by promoting inspirational initiatives and inventions by young people both in and out of education, across many fields. It is proven that youths are good creators and risk takers because we have very little to lose and mostly more energetic. As a result, we are more daring and entrepreneurial. By bringing together these inspirational news, we can all motivate ourselves to start something good today.

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Abiye –Yvonne Dede, founder of accessories by Abiye (AA), designs and hand makes African inspired accessories.

// By Tunde Sobola on 17 May 2013

Abiye is a PhD student at Nottingham Trent University; she has recently launched her fashion accessories line, ‘Accessories by Abiye’ while at university. We caught up with Abiye to discuss her journey and encourage young people to Be Inspired! Abiye’s journey shows that passion is a great asset to any successful business.

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Chinwe Njoku, an academic success who claimed to be ordinary but disciplined. Former PhD student at Loughborough University.

// By Tunde Sobola on 23 April 2013

Recently we decided to look beyond entrepreneurism for inspiring young people. Having known Chinwe for many years at Loughborough University, she deserves to be an academic role model. Discover the attitudes that make a excellent student and see what success means for Chinwe. More interviews from academic and social role models to come. Read on, Be inspired!

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Sam Bentley, founder of BSKA is an extremely passionate designer & entrepreneur from Birmingham. BSKA is a clothing company inspired by street art and popular culture

// By Tunde Sobola on 08 April 2013

Starting from the “always on” smile, Sam Bentley is a fundraiser for a construction project, Habitat for Humanity and Education Africa and he is all for turning his passion into business. We met Sam Bentley at NACUE conference back in Feb 2013. Here is how Sam described himself – “If you think of me as a cocktail, I’d be a mix of design and fashion, along with a dash of business and entrepreneurial creativity and lots of determination and passion” Read on, Be inspired!

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