FUTURE INSPIRED! wants to inspire our audience so that they can turn little ideas in their minds into great and marvellous inventions for the world to enjoy. This will be done by promoting inspirational initiatives and inventions by young people both in and out of education, across many fields. It is proven that youths are good creators and risk takers because we have very little to lose and mostly more energetic. As a result, we are more daring and entrepreneurial. By bringing together these inspirational news, we can all motivate ourselves to start something good today.

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Making a living from what you love - here is an example

// By Tunde Sobola on 14 June 2013
What is the best motivation for anyone? - Passion is a strong motivator...   Esty Example This is a very short post to show how most of us can merge what we are passionate about into our work.  This video is an example of a girl that love making handmade, crafty accessories. But she realised that people liked what she does and she earns from it now. It doesn't mean that we all have to make money from what we are passionate about (of course that will be great) but the message here is the best way to enjoy our work is to find a way to merge your passion with i...

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Dave Scotford, founder of GaGunk, a design and print agency for businesses based in West midlands

// By Tunde Sobola on 08 June 2013

I met Dave Scotford through Shell Livewire forum, Dave is a multitalented person but has managed to channel his interests and experiences into his current business venture GaGunk. Following the sale of his record label and a 2 year gap break, Dave is currently studying business management at Nottingham University. At the age of 22, Dave has had experiences in writing, youth sports coaching as well as a band member of The Handwritten. There is a lot to learn from Dave’s personality and passion to help other up and coming entrepreneurs. Read on and be inspired!

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Discipline - My most precious discovery

// By Tunde Sobola on 18 May 2013
  Here is what discipline thought me in the last week As well as running this blog, I am a founder of a cleaning business - www.greenheartclean.co.uk. The company is still very small, but that's a good thing apart from the fact that I have to do almost everything that my staff can't do. From finding new clients to billing the existing ones to cleaning some offices (weekly) and on top of it all, I have to think of how to move the business forward. I recently started working with a To-Do list which helps me concentrate on a few tasks at a time. The story goes... La...

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