FUTURE INSPIRED! wants to inspire our audience so that they can turn little ideas in their minds into great and marvellous inventions for the world to enjoy. This will be done by promoting inspirational initiatives and inventions by young people both in and out of education, across many fields. It is proven that youths are good creators and risk takers because we have very little to lose and mostly more energetic. As a result, we are more daring and entrepreneurial. By bringing together these inspirational news, we can all motivate ourselves to start something good today.

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The 6 question interview: James and Elliot Poulter, founders of UNILIBRI

// By Tunde Sobola on 23 January 2013
Two brothers, Elliot and James Poulter recently established UNILIBRI, a web based solution to make life study easier for students. We caught up with Elliot, a recent graduate of Loughborough to find out more on how they got started. Be inspired! Background  I’ll answer this not by giving you a biography of my life but telling you what parts of it were important and influenced my decision of whether or not to start a business. My family turns out to be pretty entrepreneurial, my Granddad sold a business to IBM, my Dad ran a company for 7 years and has been running a new...

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6 Question Interview: Ross Kemp, founder ASAP Water Crafts

// By Tunde Sobola on 20 January 2013
Ross Kemp is a young product inventor from Loughborough University as well as a budding entrepreneur. He invented ASAP while at university and since his recent TV appearance with Richard Brandson, it is safe to say that he is an upcoming celebrity. We got in touch with him to find out more. Be inspired!  Background I have always loved making things, from the thunderbirds Tracey Island I made as a child to the motorised water crafts I now make.   At school design technology (at the time) was one of the only subjects I could see a real application for - the sketches and m...

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